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Antifork Research is an Italy-based non-profit organization founded in 1997 by computer researchers, formerly known as disLESSici team. The disLESSici project was born to introduce people to the world of Linux networking and open-source coding. Until mid 1999, we administered, the first Italian portal fully dedicated to Linux and Security, with the motto: Whenever a stuff runs it's just obsolete.

Antifork Research is promoting an old-school view of the term hacking: we hate anyone who uses his knowledge for destructive plans. Hacking has many senses, most of them aren't based on out-law projects. Superior knowledge research and ultimate perfection: this is the meaning we assign to the word ``hack''.

Antifork Research supports the free software movement, full-disclosure of security problems and freedom of information. We dislike commercial security brands, 'cause money doesn't always mean security. We follow many exciting projects, related to computer technology. Our hobbies (and jobs) are inet, coding, security, cryptography and system communication.


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